Krafton has started testing the PUBG New state game in some regions as an alpha version and pre-registration on Google play store is available globally. Indian players will have to wait for more than other country’s gamers before experiencing this new game because it comes with advanced mechanics, graphics, maps; however they’ll be able to get their hands on all these features once it releases officially!

The PUBG New State Twitter account has announced that they will be sending notifications to those who retweet from 12 pm on October 15th through 3 am EST Thursday, October 21st. Please note we cannot send these messages or reminders via private accounts (keys).

The developers at Krafton have been hard at work on their new state update for PUBG. They released another video this past week showing off some of the changes that are coming, including weapon balance adjustments based on where you’re playing and what gun is available to use in-game as well as announcing an official release date or beta program status!

The team over at Kortech has had some really exciting updates since releasing Alpha testing back in September with tons more fan feedback during those few days leading up until launch day itself which they took into account while making tweaks here & there right now before its finalization soon

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