PUBG is getting ready to release another new map ahead of Diwali, and fans are excited.



The latest leak comes on the heels of an earlier report from November that claimed a fall update with more P2W microtransactions would be coming soon as well! The hype leading up this year’s major holiday season couldn’t come soon enough for some players who have grown accustomed to playing games at all hours during weekdays only because they were too busy working outside of them – but now we know what time our prayers will finally get answered: 10 am October 19th (Philippines Standard Time).

The next PUBG mobile state update may take place on October 31, which is ahead of Diwali and now. This is a bit disappointing for people who were anticipating the release would happen sometime towards the end of September or early October The new date has appeared listed in Apple’s App Store listing as available pre-registration with both Android & iOS around the Philippines; it features futuristic weapons set twenty-one year into our future featuring themes like oppression from religious groups vying for power so there’s not much hope left when you play against others online here!

When you pre-register for PUBG: New State on the App Store, it will give an estimated release date. This is not always accurate because Apple requires developers to provide tentative dates which are why many people don’t see them in the Google Play Games Platform yet! If true then this October 31st comes nearly four months after Krafton’s Battlegrounds Mobile Philippines was released – meaning there has been some discrepancy between when they are supposed to release their games versus what actually happens.


This statement means that the content of this game may change before its release. However, it is rare for major changes to happen at a time when they are revealed through listings like these ones since developers often make updates in order not to interfere with their consumers’ experience playing games on an actual hardware console or PC

The listing also reads “Content (including features) and gameplay may vary by region” which suggests there could potentially be some differences between markets based on what regions have access to certain versions.”

This only serves as more evidence because typically companies don’t want people who buy one version having dissimilar experiences across multiple platforms due to different consoles cultures around.

Reports from IGN Philippines recently suggested that PUBG: New State would be released in the Philippines on October 8. The report cited information from the Apple App Store, which we couldn’t independently verify at first glance and can only mean there’s a chance this date may change now since it was scheduled previously to arrive around the start of October as reported by them before anything else – but not without taking into consideration other regions including Korea where they already started selling copies for their launch event last week while also providing more details about what gamers should expect when playing online with up to four others via split-screen co-op mode available if you want some company during your playtime!

A previous listing had been made back then until something

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