Over the years, games like Fortnite, PUBG New State Mobile, COD Mobile, and other battle royale formats have received a lot of attention.

Over the years, games like Fortnite, COD Mobile and other battle royales have attracted a lot of attention. The processors and features on our mobile phones have evolved with technology.

PUBG New state lite is a well-known mobile game. Frame drops and lags are problems. These problems can be frustrating and even cause the game to stop being fun.

Fixing lag in PUBG New State

1) Deleting cache

Clearing the cache on a player’s phone can fix lag. This will allow them to free up some of their important memory.

The cache can become a barrier if there is low storage.

2) Restrict background applications

Players who have 2 or 3GB RAM should close any apps running in the background. While some apps use RAM, others use the internet in the background.

These apps can be restricted by players going to Settings-App Management – Installed Applications.

Power Saver – Don’t Run in Background allows players to choose which app they do not want running in the background.

3) Close all background apps

Similar to restricting background applications, players can also try closing all the background apps before firing up PUBG Mobile. These background apps use a portion of RAM that can affect the game.

4) Enable Data Saving

Another feature that limits apps running in the background is Data Saving. When playing PUBG Mobile, players can enable Data Saving and deactivate all other apps than PUBG Mobile.

This will allow the app access to the entire network. This will ensure that the network ping stays low.

5) Reducing graphics

The game’s smoothness is dependent on the mobile device on which it is played. Users can reduce the graphics in PUBG New state hack to get the best frame rates. This will result in a higher frame rate and lower lag.

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