Are you wondering how to download PUBG: NEW STATE for PC?

You can download the FULL of PUB: NEW STATE 2023 easily on your PC by following the easy steps outlined in this article.

After waiting for months PUBG New State finally launched. PUBG: NEW STATE promises PC-grade graphics and dynamics as well as new maps, vehicles, and much more.

The new PUBG was developed by South Korean gaming company Krafton and is only available for Android and iOS phones.

Similar to the PUBG Mobile, many people still prefer to play the battle royale games on their larger screens via their desktops or laptops.

Here’s how you can play PUBG NEW STATE on your PC.

PUBG: NEW STATE PC System Requirements

Before we get to the installation guide, please make sure that your computer and emulator meet these requirements for pubg newstate download on pc.

PUBG New State Android system requirements

OS – Android 6.0 or later
CPU – 64-bit
RAM – 2 GB or higher
Download size – varies with the device

If Battlegrounds Mobile India was available on your PC, then PUBG NEW STATE will not be a problem.

Download PUBG: NEW STATE For PC (Windows 11)

Native Android app support is one of Windows 11’s most notable features. Microsoft makes it possible to download and install both Android apps as well as games from the Amazon Android App Store.

You can also download PUBG NEW STATE from the app store.

You can also sideload PUBG NEW STATE on Windows 11 with simple utilities such as WSATools. You can still enjoy the game on your computer even if it isn’t available in the Amazon Android App Store.

PUBG NEW STATE Download for PC Using Android Emulator

An Android emulator is the best way to play PUBG: NEW STATE PC. An Android emulator simulates the Android environment, as its name implies.

It is now easier to download the game from the Google Playstore. This eliminates the need to download APKs and store the game data in the correct folder.

It can be difficult to find the right emulator among the hundreds available on the internet. We have listed the top emulators to help you install, play, and download PUBG: NEW STATE on your PC.

3 Best PUBG NEW STATE Emulator For Windows 10, 11

These are the top 3 emulators you can use to play PUBG on Windows PC in its new state.

1. Gameloop

The trusted gameloop emulator is first on the list. Gameloop has been optimized to play Android games, unlike previous versions. You can remap your keyboard controls with the emulator.

The Tencent game loop app player is also compatible with macOS computers. game-loop 4 requires a lot of resources to function properly.

game loop has also released a beta cloud emulator that allows you to play PUBG NEW STATE on cloud PCs

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