PUBG New State offers multiple playable maps. With it being a battle royale game, arenas are a massive factor in players ranking up.

Currently, there are 4 maps that gamers can choose in ranked games. All of them differ in size, and some are big enough to provide a much higher chance of surviving, while others are made for many faster-paced rounds.

Nevertheless, players can always choose which map to play in ranked, depending on their comfort levels. Yet, some arenas offer a higher chance of growth, not just to rank up but also to harness and improve gamers’ skills.

Top three PUBG New STAT maps for ranking up quickly in 2021


Size: 8 Km x 8 Km

the whole world was mired in chaos in 2051. with the small American city of Troi no exception. As the government collapsed, groups such as the new STATE, GLC, and Mayhem Rose to power. One Day, an unknown group of people in golden masks descended upon the town. The and then the “Great Hunt” began

#2 – Erangel 2051

Size: 8 Km x 8 Km

Erangel is PLIBG BATTLEGROLINDS’ first and original map where players spent countless hours enjoying the thrill of survival. ERANGEL still continues to be the most popular venue for survival in 2051.

#3 – STATION (Beta)


Team Deathmatch is a 4v4 match. where the first team to reach 40 kills wins the game. You can choose your weapon presets before you join the match



All the equipment, vehicles, and guns of PLIBG NEW STATE are available to test and practice with a training ground. Visit the training ground to practice and perfect your skills.


The winning factor on this in this PUBG Mobile NEW maps starts even before jumping off the carrier. Players must view the map and look for small-sized marks indicating a building or indoor area where there is a high chance of getting loot.

They must also always be conscious about the map as others may also be likely to explore those areas to secure their weapons and items on hand.

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