※ The description and images are based on the Alpha test version that is in development.

[Drone Store]

Available Items
Price(Drone Credit)
Red Flare Gun
Green Flare Gun
Custom Kit (ALL)
Search Drone
Deployable Shield
Med Kit
Bandage (4)
Adrenaline Syringe
Energy Drink
Gas Can
EV Battery
Red Flare Gun Ammo (1)
Green Flare Gun Ammo (1)
5.56mm Ammo (29)
7.62mm Ammo (29)
9mm Ammo (29)
.45ACP Ammo (29)
12Gauge Ammo (29)

The Drone Store is a shop that allows you to buy items using Drone Credits you find in the world.

  1. Drone Store Button: You can open the store window by tapping the Drone Store button in-game. Your credit balance is displayed at the bottom.
  2. My Cart: The item you select in the Store is added to your cart. You can complete the purchase by tapping ORDER.
  3. Call Drone: You can mark where to call the Drone within a certain radius of your character. Alternatively, you can call it directly to your location by tapping PLACE HERE.
  4. Item Delivery Process: Drones deliver items in a box they carry. Item delivery – It takes some time for the item to arrive. Once delivered, you can locate it by looking for the ping marker on the map.
  5. Shoot Down Drone: You can shoot down drones by dealing a certain amount of damage to it. Items delivered by a Drone can be looted by any player.

Weapon Customization

Weapon Customization



  • M16A4
  • SCAR-L


  • AKM
  • MK47 Mutant
  • Beryl M762



  • UMP45
  • TommyGun


  • UZI
  • Vector
  • PP-19 Bizon



  • SKS
  • SLR


  • VSS

Short Range


  • S12K
  • S1897
  • DBS



  • Kar98K
  • M24



  • DP-28


  • M249

You can customize your weapon by attaching extra parts in addition to the default slots. This system allows you to strengthen the advantages / compensate for weaknesses of your weapon.

Various weapons (AR/SMG/DMR) can be customized up to one time.

Once customized, the weapon can not be customized further.

Green Flare Gun

The Green Flare Gun allows you to bring back one of your dead teammates.

When you fire a Green Flare Gun towards the sky, a list of dead teammates is displayed. Select who you’d like to call back.

The selected player is redeployed via Drone and drops near where the flare exploded.

Only teammates who have been dead for more than 90 seconds can be redeployed. After a certain point in the match, the Green Flare Gun will no longer work.

Team Up Squad Mode

Team Up Squad Mode

In New State, you can revive any downed player and recruit them to your Squad.

When your teammate is downed, you can revive them.

When an enemy player is downed, you can revive and add them to your team.

You can’t recruit any more players once your squad is full.

When down, you can extend your hand to an enemy to signal that you want to be recruited.

Radio Message

  1. [Quick Marker]
    • Tapping the Radio Message button places different markers depending on the object in your crosshairs.
  2. [Wheel Widget]
    • If you tap and drag the Radio Message button, the wheel widget is activated.
    • Then, you can select and broadcast one of the preset messages.
  3. [List Widget]
    • If you select the Open List Widget on the wheel, the list widget is activated.
    • You can select and play one of the preset audio messages.

throwable / Healing Item Wheel Widget

  1. If you tap and hold the Throwable or Healing Item button, the wheel widget is activated.
  2. You can select an item by dragging and releasing it on the item you want.

  • If you tap and hold an item, “DRAG TO DROP” is activated on the right side.
  • When dragging an item to this area, the UI showing the quantity to drop is activated. You can change the quantity by dragging it up/down and drop it by lifting your finger off the screen.
  • Also, “DROP” and “DROP ALL” are activated when tapping an item to drop.

You can drop an item in the quantity you want by tapping “DROP”.

  • You can drop all of the selected items by tapping “DROP ALL”.

The Dyneema Vest provides more protection against short/mid-range ammo such as 9mm, 5.56mm, and .45ACP than normal vests.
On the flip side, it provides less protection against mid/long-range ammo such as 7.62mm, 12 Gauge, and 300 Magnum than normal vests.

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are powered by batteries.
They can accelerate faster than gasoline vehicles using their boost, but this quickly eats up battery power.
Driving inside the Blue Zone rapidly depletes the battery.
EVs are quieter than their gasoline counterparts while driving.


If you open your inventory while in a car, “Move to Trunk” is activated.
You can move items to the trunk by dragging and dropping them.
The trunk button is activated when you are in or near a car.
You can take an item from the trunk by tapping the corresponding icon.

Tapping the “Door” button near a car opens a door, which you can take cover behind while in combat.
The door will break after taking a certain amount of damage.


You can place up to 4 waypoints on the world map.
You can switch between markers and waypoints using the button in the bottom-left corner of the world map.
Remove Waypoint: Remove all waypoints on the map.
Undo: Remove the last waypoint.
Each waypoint has an arrow pointing towards the next waypoint. The last waypoint has is marked as a circle.
You can change the locations of waypoints by dragging and dropping.

Search Drones can be used for various tactics by getting vision and spotting enemies.
Fuel and durability
Switch to player
Warning message
Current altitude
Player health
Up/Down: Control altitude | Left/Right: Rotate the drone
※ While controlling a drone, the player is unable to fight and vulnerable to enemy attacks.

Deployable Shield

Deployable Shields provide fixed cover where you place them.
If you have a shield, the shield icon is displayed. Tapping it deploys the shield in front of your character.
Deployable shields are one-time use only. Once deployed, they can’t be moved, retrieved, or reused.
After taking a certain amount of damage, Deployable Shields are destroyed.

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