PUBG New State is the latest Krafton game coming soon to Android and iOS devices. When Krafton announced the game, they even released a teaser that showcased a lot of new details.



And now that the game’s Google Play Store page is available for pre-order, people have started to notice a lot of new details that seem to make the launch of PUBG New State even more exciting.


PUBG PlayerIGN insider released a video that captures all of these details. Here’s a look at what we could do with those details.


New PUBG Status: Everything Expected

New Map: Troi Gets a Birdeye View




One of the biggest things people will notice is the new overall look of the new Troi 8 × 8 card from a hotdrop perspective. This shows the buildings that we saw in the teaser, as well as the other images in the teaser.


Bionic arm


If you look at the images that have been shared on the PUBG New State page, you will notice that one of the characters has a bionic arm to which a blade may or may not be attached. We see the player using this arm using a frying pan and firing a gun.


Shopping center delivery location


One of the places that stood out both in the sneak peek and in the images is the mall drop-off location, which could very well become the new school.


Green rocket gun


While all Flare Guns in the current generation of PUBG games are colored red, the one in PUBG New State appears to be green. Although we are not sure that it will do the same things it does today.


Air Drop Drones


One of the things that was noticed in the teaser itself is the air droplets that drones bring. These drones carry yellow drops that can contain futuristic weapons.


New weapon upgrades


Some new weapon upgrades that have also been noticed include a drum magazine to hold 50 rounds, as well as an extended barrel for the Vector.


New weapons


While most of the weapons we see in PUBG New State have been part of the game before, there are a few that look brand new. These could be futuristic weapons that will be available through drawers.


World destruction and animations.


The world in PUBG New State may have a destructible element, and one of the tests we’ve seen is a hanging car door that acts as a shield and falls over when it takes too much damage.


New vehicles


The vehicles in the game are, to say the least, futuristic and include both electric and conventional vehicles. There is a futuristic bike and a helicopter in the game and the buses on the roads seem to levitate and run on their own.


Deployable shields


Deployable shields are also something we saw in the game trailer and there is a similar look in the images. It could be part of the special abilities of each player.

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