With the pre-order opening up in India, it has already broken many records and is surpassing expectations.
The game’s new state means 40 million registrations as players eagerly await for PUBG to be released later this month!

PUBG: NEW STATE is now available for pre-download and purchase on Google Play Store! More than 40 million people registered before it’s even been released. KRAFTON, Inc., creators of PUBG – Battlegrounds announced today that their newest game has surpassed all expectations with over 50% growth from last alpha test as well as opening up preorders in India which contributed heavily to this surge.”

The company also announced that it will formally reveal PUBG: NEW STATE’s official launch date in October. This is great news for those who have been looking forward to finally experiencing all of the new content and features coming our way!

“We’ve been able to achieve this level of success because the fans around the world love us and have faith in what PUBG Studios does,” said Minkyu Park, Executive Producer for PUBG: NEW STATE. “Now that we’re taking feedback from our second alpha test phase, all resources are being devoted towards making sure that when it launches later this year everyone will be satisfied with their experience both as far entertainment goes but also stability.”


PUBG: NEW STATE is the most realistic battle royale game on mobile. It has been developed by PUBG Studios, creators of PUBG Battle Royale and BATTLEGROUNDS in 2017 – this time they are creating an experience exactly like its original one; it will launch as free-to-play for both Android & iOS devices with cross-platform gameplay next year!

About KRAFTON, Inc.

KRAFTON, Inc. is a collective of independent game development studios brought together to create innovative and engaging entertainment experiences for gamers across the world. The company consists of PUBG Studios- creators behind one of its most popular games in history with over 40 million copies sold on PC alone!

Bluehole Studio – developers best known for creating “The Book Of Souls” mobile MMORPG before it was canceled by Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe Ltd due largely fan feedback about lackluster monetization model where players could buy special items only available through purchase rather than earning them fairly while playing normally like other free2play titles do nowadays Striking Distance | A Japanese based team made up primarily


KRAFTON is the driving force behind some of today’s most successful games and entertainment properties, including PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS (PC/STEAM), The Callisto Protocol( console) , TERA( PC). They are always looking ahead to creating new groundbreakings in tech with their deep learning platform adapted for video game development .

KRAFTO has ambitious plans that go beyond gaming; they aim to help people around the globe play more safely by monitoring key injuries like concussions through AI technology!

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